3. Functions and profiles on Victoria Milan South Africa

3. Functions and profiles on Victoria Milan South Africa

Regardless, we ended up communicating with 100 women, and had 21 positive responses after a period of 30 days. This means that the site has a response rate of about 1/3, which is a lot more than a lot of other dating websites can vouch for! Although the website prides itself in being mostly European, we were quite impressed with the results of the contact test in South Africa.

Although Victoria Milan doesn’t make most of the features available to free members, they do have lots of them – and good ones at that.

Lots of ways to spread the love!

Communicating with members can be done in the form of winks, gifts, and messages. A wink simply shows someone that you’ve looked at their profile and are interested, which may entice them to look into your profile as well. A gift is a virtual picture you can send to someone to show you’re most definitely interested, and desire getting to know them better. A message allows you to talk and communicate freely with other members on the website.

Profiles are anonymous, but extensive

Profiles, although designed to conceal the identity of members, can still tell you a lot about someone. As mentioned above, a profile will tell you about their personality, what kind of relationship they’re looking for, what they look like, appearance wise and body wise, and what they’re personality is about as well. There are also two different sets of photos: public photos and private photos.

Public photos are viewable to anyone on the website, while private photos are only viewable by those who have been granted the permission to see them via a “key”. Unlike public photos, private photos are allowed to showcase nudity, which definitely makes the site a little more interesting. Victoria Milan also takes great pride in having only real profiles, thanks to their email and text verification. In addition, members are encouraged to report any profiles they believe to be fake, so that Victoria Milan can look into the issue.

No one will find out!

Victoria Milan states that their “main objective is to help you not get caught”, and there are a lot of features on the website to back that claim up. On Victoria Milan’s website, you will find a “Panic Button”, located in the top right of the screen. It was made for when someone intrudes on your online affair dating, as when you click it you’ll be taken to another webpage. In our experience, we were always http://cps-static.rovicorp.com/3/JPG_400/MI0003/549/MI0003549188.jpg?partner=allrovi.com” alt=”best asian hookup app 2016″> redirected to the YouTube homepage.

Another feature to keep your affair secret is the Auto-Logout option. Say the spouse calls on you to do some house chores while your browsing Victoria Milan, and you forget to exit before getting up. Can you imagine the shock that would pursue if your spouse or kids then went to the computer to find what you were doing? The Auto-Logout feature was built for exactly this reason. After a certain time frame of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out and redirect you to another website.

Search bar was built to find your soul mate

Victoria Milan’s search bar will also help you find whatever it is your looking for, and very specifically. You can search everything down to level of fitness and whether or not they have a secret “love nest” with the advanced search settings. The profile booster also offers you great advantage to getting noticed, as long as you’re willing to pay for the premium membership. With the profile booster, your picture will appear bigger than the rest in search, meaning it’s much more possible to be noticed.

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