C-Date Review – Fake or real? Be 100% sure!

C-Date Review – Fake or real? Be 100% sure!

Finding casual sex on C-Date looks like this.

  1. Login and pay for a premium membership that enables to write messages
  2. Having the Impression that most profiles here are fake
  3. Sing out and never come back or deleting the account
  4. Finding out that from our bank account has gone around 150 USD or that this amount was taken from our card regularly.
  5. Emails from Debt collectors sent by Interdate S.A. (C-Date website owner)
  6. Experiencing hell with the cancelation of paid subscriptions.

Cost: Misleading pricing and automatic renewals

How much are you really paying for c date premium? Look at the hidden small print cost c-date doesn’t want us to notice!

From the picture, it’ looks like you need to pay ? 9,90 (12 USD) for 1 mouth. But in reality, after one month the premium membership will be automatically renewed for another month and not for 9,90 but for ? 39,60 (50 USD). They wrote it in very small grey print so it’s easy to be deceived.

The general terms and conditions also apply to the right of withdrawal and data protection If you are satisfied with our service then no further action is required. Your Premium Membership will be renewed automatically. The 1 month Membership you have purchased will be renewed automatically for 1 months (? ).You can cancel at least 7 days before the renewal. Payments are processed by the website operator Interdate S.A. Both Interdate S.A. and C-Date will appear on your statement.13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg, Luxemburg

C Date login to cancellation nightmare

Once they have your credit card info, https://hookupdate.net/es/positive-singles-review/ they will try their best to exploit your credit card as much as possible, and the cost will be higher than you expect. So if you decide to sign in and pay for the membership, beware.

Reviews – They made cancelling very hard

Don’t sign up for this be careful! Once you sign up and pay for Premium it’s absolutely impossible to cancel, they keep taking money off you every month and the amount keeps going up, first month was €51 which wasn’t the amount I paid through the website, the month after they took €131 although I subscribed for 1-month membership only.

Easy to register but hard to cancel. While it is very easy to register, they make it very difficult to cancel the membership. Think twice before register! I did contact the customet support and asked to cancel the subscription to the earliest date. I received the answer that they regret the cancellation. But I had to print a document and send it back. Why do I need a printout, none was needed for registration? In my opinion you make deregistration difficult in purpose.

Not use the program! Not accept premium membership! A few real profile but a lot of fake profiles. Also if you want your “premium” membership cancellation, they want you to send a cancellation “FAX” to Luxembourg. Is there FAX left arouuuuund.

Debt collection threats

In some countries, users were threatened with a debt collector agency if they couldn’t collect money from automatic renewal. This is their strategy to make more money as probably no one would extend membership on this website with his own will.

“They tried taking ?119.6 out of my account managed to stop it. . Received letter from debt collector today demanding money. ”

You cannot end the membership with C-Date, they will keep taking money from your credit card. Disabling / deleting your on-line profile won’t work. They require you to send a fax to a number that does not receive the fax, I tried. So I cancelled my credit card, and got a new one with different card number, that worked. What prompted me to write this review is just received an email from a debt collector, Upper Class Collections, asking me to pay up amount due: $ which of course I won’t pay.

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