Out of all the dating apps this is probably one of the best!

Out of all the dating apps this is probably one of the best!

I think it all depends on the person and what they make out of the app. This app seems popular and has many people to get to know if you want to make friends. I think its a good app to meet people. Intention plays a big role. There are many beautiful females in the app. Its not what i look for but sure is fun when there is interaction. Since im all over the place because of my job i think its a great app form me, because its fun when i bump into girls and i never reveal it, i am still waiting for that one girl who will mention bumping into me. I enjoy making friends, we all have a story that enriches our souls, ill try to let it be known. Its the first app where i can express how females can be a mans friend without expectations. I recommend it and also to those looking for a fling. Lots of that too.

This past wknd I was in the LOCAL search and came upon his profile

Far better than POF. The problems I have with this app are, being linked with someone that is actually in your area! I understand you have 7 million plus members but flipping through the pictures I have not seen atleast 1 person that is within range. Every girl is in other states so that being said It almost makes this app pointless!! The other problem I have is the amount of transgenders on here, some dudes are into that so maybe make a button like male/female/TS and seperate them from being sprinkled in the mix. This app is awesome but it is very limited. Please make it so that you can use your location and be linked with local singles instead of being linked with someone you will never waste time meeting on the complete opposite side of the country!

There are plenty of cute Latinas young and mature, slim and thick

There’s just too many fake profiles . Someone I met over a year ago on here had deleted this app . He & I have kept in contact ever since we met on here . He contacted me last wk & we talked . I messaged him asking what he was doing in HOBART since he lives in Palatine . He asked me what was I talking about , that he’s been home all wknd & hadn’t left his area . Someone hacked / stole his profile . Not very happy with that . It happened to me on another paying site . They had changed my users name & password , I wasn’t able to get into my account til I realized the site had sent an email about some changes . They had replaced all my photo with another women in a bikini on a yacht & auto charged $73 to my credit card . It happens !! There has to be something about these catfish , fakes & scammers

I like the Latinas. It works well in NY, NJ metro areas and Tampa FL. Wish there were more of these cuties using the app in Philly! I met a nice lady in Fl. Classy and stylish. Would like to date her. The app functions pretty well. I wish I knew how to delete matches without reporting them. I just leave uninteresting matches on a list. Indefinitely. It seems maybe some users have figured out how to cheat the location function on the profiles. Profiles indicate another user maybe within 100 miles of me. Actually, they inform me they are on a different continent. It is also nic o know who has visited my profile.

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