We bring you-The Shed at Broger’s End

We bring you-The Shed at Broger’s End

It’s the hen’s getaway where you can just cook sausages, roast marshmallows around the fire and perhaps do a spot of skinny dipping after you down some tequila shots (or not). Think low-key and super chilled out. This farmyard property is quiet and unbelievably beautiful, capable of fitting up to six other people and any animal friends you want to bring along. For the ultimate chill hen’s getaway with a wood fire and pizza oven, we think you’ll have everything you need righhhhhht here.

Aaman and Cinta Luxury Villas

Warning: no cent shall be spared. If you have no limit (on anything) then luxe it all out at Aaman and Cinta Luxury Villas in Byron Bay. Here, you’ll have the convenience of only being a short walk from the heart of town while also having access to the beach right outside your door. On top of this (of course there’s more), you’ll all be in for a one-hour in-house massage, have antipasto and sweet platters delivered straight to your door and if you’re keen (you will be), you can even organise a yoga sesh, cooking class and river eco tour to go with it all. Like we said, this one is extra AF.

Australian Outback Adventure Tour

We all know she would absolutely wear Birkenstocks and a knapsack down the aisle if she could, so this hen’s getaway is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s a three-day hen’s pub crawl in the outback that’ll take you to Australia’s most iconic and remote drinking locations. Sound good? Well, good, booze, accommodation and vehicle transfers are included at every place you go and the hit list includes places like the William Creek Hotel, ily Hotel. Plus, if you’re feeling creative, you can add on vintage Tiger Moth flights or Top Gun flights. Yep.

The Billabong Retreat

Regardless of the fact she’s been part of the F45 cult since the day she got engaged, this bird insists that her hen’s party shouldn’t steer too far from maintaining her rock hard abs and wholefood-only regime. The Billabong Retreat in Maraylya is an easy-breezy 45 minutes from Sydney (because she lives for yoga and meditation) and let’s just say this place is downright… beautiful. At this retreat, you’re all up for massages, facials, yoga and services like reiki, kinesiology and hypnotherapy.

Sangoma Retreat

This one’s for bridezilla (#sorrynotsorry) because no one asked if she just needed a pamper sesh with all this wedding planning going on. Honestly. Thank god you have us. For a seriously unmatchable hen’s getaway, the Sangoma Retreat in the Blue Mountains is everything you want it to be. Think sauna facilities, an infinity lap pool and a killer restaurant with top-notch tipple. And note that the warmer months mean dining under the stars while in payday loans in AK winter you’ll be roasting marshmallows at dinnertime on the outdoor open-pit fire. We know, it’s magical.


When your bride doesn’t really give a toss whether or not she fits into that wedding dress or not, you’ll want to take this foodie on a delicious adventure of a lifetime. Flavours of the Valley leads one helluva gourmet trail in the Kangaroo Valley where you’ll get to eat all the locally grown fare including olives, honey, wine (obvs), fudges and if you’d prefer to do it yourself-cooking classes are also available. They don’t offer onsite accommodation but fear not, we’ve crossed that off for you too. Stay at the epic 10 guest Newhaven which is just a 20-minute drive up the road and sits on five acres of private land. The flower-adorned home offers alfresco dining under grapevines (yep you read that right), pebble footpaths and hill-top views of the valley.

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